Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to expressing the love of God to orphans and highly vulnerable children particularly in Ghana, Africa.



The Village of Hope offers holistic well-being and will develop each child’s God-given potential.


We celebrate each child and have created an environment where they can learn and be nurtured so that their full potential is realized. We strive to transform children’s lives by offering hope and instilling values, and a sense of purpose.

What We Do

Our work is centered around the belief that “it takes a village to change a generation.” We believe that children belong in families. Project Nyame Nsa has built a sustainable model called the “Village of Hope” for the orphans and vulnerable in Ghana to be placed in families where they will thrive and their potential will be realized. Our vision is to raise future leaders and instill hope back into the hopeless. We believe that changing the world starts with changing the life of one.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to give our children a holistic approach to a healthy and balanced childhood. We want to foster each child’s God given gift and potential to help them thrive to become adults of character and integrity.

Music Lessons

Sunday Church Services


Counseling Program

Prayer & Worship Nights

Arts Program

After School Support

Cultural Dance

Sports Recreation

Youth Ambassadors

Engaging youth on a global scale.

The ambassador program is designed for youth (ages 14-18) who are itching to make a difference in the world. We make it easy, want to be a part of what we do in Africa? Want to be a voice for the voiceless, and make a direct and lasting impact in others lives by taking action where you are? Then head over and apply to become a PNN Youth Ambassador.

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Happy Friday! Today we want to encourage you to live boldly.

When people ask us how to best change the world and how they can start this is what we say..

Serve Locally, Dream Globally!

Start serving others in YOUR communities and dream on a GLOBAL scale, you'd be amazed what the Lord WILL do when you start having a mind and heart like him for others.
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Here's a throwback to last summer. Everything was brand NEW! It is amazing to watch our children grow in their faith, there is nothing the LORD cannot do when you place your future in his hands.
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