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Our story began in the heart of a young girl who had a dream to build a home for orphans in Africa. At the age of nine Devon spoke to friends, family members and teachers about her lifelong dream. Most people doubted her, told her it would be impossible yet Devon never gave up on this God given dream. When she was turning 16 she saw this as an opportunity to raise money for a water well project in Africa. She asked guests of her birthday to donate to CBN Orphan’s Promise to build wells rather than accept gifts. To her amazement they raised enough to construct 3 wells. 6 months later Devon and her father Steve ventured to Ghana, Africa for the first time to dedicate the wells.

It was during this visit that Devon’s life was changed. Moved compassion by the poverty and need she saw Devon knew when she returned home she had to do something.

“I had seen things I had never seen before, I was exposed to things I could never imagine, and I didn’t come home the same person. I didn’t want to just leave and take this experience for granted, I wanted to make an impact in people’s lives. I knew God had called me to Ghana for a reason, and during my time there my heart was broken, I was humbled by the people and their needs. I knew the dream God had given me would become reality. God had opened my eyes to what he had created me for, he had instilled purpose, vision and inspiration into my heart after my first trip to Africa.”

After returning to the states Devon and her family set off to do what some would say was impossible. They started a non-profit called Project Nyame Nsa meaning “God’s helping hands” in Twi. Partnering with CBN they began fundraising to construct a Village of Hope thousands of miles away in Ghana, Africa. While Devon pursued her education the Village of Hope was being constructed as she took yearly trips to see the progress of the Village.

“What was so amazing is that we bought a 4 acre land plot and were able to watch the children’s village be built up from the dust. First it was an empty plot, then there was a foundation, which became structures and finally  a completed village! Now it is called “home” by the orphans of Ghana.”

In July 2016 Devon and 50 family members, friends, partners and donors traveled to Ghana to dedicate and open the Village of Hope. After they left Devon remained in Ghana to oversee the project and work with the children.

Devon’s vision for the children who live in this village is to become the future leaders of Africa, if not the world. She also has a vision for the youth to believe that they too can make a difference, and to know that God has created all of us with purpose and intention. Devon believes that God has called her to be a voice for the voiceless and to stand up for the rights of orphans. Since the Village of Hope opened(July 2016) Project Nyame Nsa has become a home and beacon of light for the orphans of Ghana. Devon believes that Ghana is just the beginning and sees it expanding into other nations across Africa if not the world.


Devon is passionate about speaking to the youth about purpose, sharing her experiences with people who are eager to make an impact in this world. If you would like to request having Devon speak please contact us at

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“There are times in life when one realizes God has His hand on a person, a passion, and a purpose: the partnership between Devon Leondis and Orphan’s Promise is such a time. When Nataliya Khomyak (Dir. Of Operations for Orphan’s Promise) and I met with Devon, we were both captured by her childhood dream of starting an orphanage in Ghana Africa to rescue children from a life of abandonment, neglect, abuse, and poverty to give them a hope and a future – the very reason I founded Orphans Promise. Project Nyame Nsa, (God’s Helping Hand) is a radical departure from traditional style orphanages. Here in this “Village of Hope” children will be cared for and raised in a family setting, in individual 3 bedroom apartments, with trained and experienced house parents, a functioning school, playground, chapel, fish and rabbit farm, and guest house. CBN and Orphan’s Promise is both honored and excited about this partnership and more importantly changing the lives of children in Ghana and who knows, perhaps the country of Ghana as well.

Terry Meeuwsen, Founder CBN Orphan’s Promise